One-On-One Soldering Class [6 HOURS]


Learn the basics of Soldering and Silversmithing at my Brunswick East Studio.

This 6 hour workshop will cover the following information:

- Studio Safety and PPE
- Sketching your design
- Preparing and Annealing Silver wire
- Forming and cutting links for soldering
- Soldering and Pickling
- Shaping links (Basic forms)
- Cleaning & Polishing 

The following tools and materials will be provided for you:

- Lengths of round sterling silver wire (For Earrings and Chain designs)
- Lengths of Sterling Silver wire in either square, rectangular or round (For a Ring designs)
- 1 pair of 16mm diameter sterling silver hoops for Earring designs.
- PPE (Protective Glasses, Respirator Mask)
- Pliers and files
- Cleaning and polishing equipment
- Velvet pouch to keep your pieces in.

At the end of this workshop, you will take home your created design featuring the techniques that you have learnt.

Depending on the complexities of your design and respective skill level, some chain, earring and ring designs may not be possible. Please get in touch with me via send me your ideas and see what can be possible prior to purchase.

Please note the dates selected cannot be changed once booked so please make sure you are aware of your schedule. If you cannot attend your workshop due to illness, please get in touch via email at

As these classes will be one-on-one tuition, dates and times will be organised by me via email after purchase.