Bobby Corica, born in Naarm/ Melbourne 1994, lives and works from his Brunswick studio in Naarm / Melbourne. 

Drawing from his Italian/Australian heritage and a background in biochemistry and molecular biology, Bobby embarked on his silversmithing journey in 2019, honing his craft in the art of chain making. Guided by a fusion of nostalgia, chaos, and boundless curiosity, Bobby's process is best described as "intuitive," as he delicately responds to the enchanting qualities of precious materials. The culmination of this artistry manifests in highly textured and truly one-of-a-kind pieces that carry a distinctive allure.

The National Gallery of Victoria recently commissioned Bobby for the 2022/2023  Alexander McQueen: Mind, Mythos, Muse. His work has exhibited as part of NGV Design Week, Oigall Projects, Jam Factory and Craft Victoria. Alongside his online store, his work can be found in design stores both nationally and internationally. 

NGV Design Store (Naarm / Melbourne )

Craft Victoria (Naarm / Melbourne )

Jam Factory (Adelaide)  

Hunters and Collectors (Aoteoroa New Zealand) 



Fashion Journal 

New Assemblage