I have a particular passion for crafting personalised pieces that encapsulate the richness of our relationships. Our custom work begins with a conversation about particular details, so from here please email with the details given below:


Subject:  Custom order

Details : 

  • General info:
  • Measurements:
  • Stones:
  • Metal:


- General information

Just the basic information. Your name, their name and inspiration/concept for the custom piece. 

- Measurements (rings, bracelets, etc)

If you don't know your measurements, please see here for ring sizing reference charts. 

If you are based locally in Naarm | Melbourne - make a studio appointment

- Stones

If you'd like stones in your piece, please let me know your preferred colour, size and cut (keeping in mind availability) - rough ideas are fine.

Special requests with heirloom gems/pearls are also very welcome. 

- Metal

There are a range of precious metals available for all of my pieces, please note gold, silver and ct. Prices range significantly between quality so this can be tailor to your budget. 

For any other enquiries, please email: