Malocchio Mirror


Malocchio Mirror is a playful approach to ideas of repurposing, recycling, and resurrection within contemporary design. Nodding to Mediterranean superstition and constructed through silversmithing techniques, the piece offers a speculative interpretation of the hand mirror.

The reference to 'Malocchio' (The Evil Eye) is not a personal reflection of superstition, instead, it is the product of superstitious fixation and the people it influences. The hand mirror has been iconified as a vessel for reflection throughout history.

Malocchio Mirror offers a re-interpretation of this object through a lens of superstitious fixation. A device for self-surveillance and paranoia, a contemporary cursed object.

The assemblage and (re)construction of Malocchio Mirror is centered around sustainability and resurrection. Recycled silver, lab-grown gems, and repurposed mirror glass are all critical features in this work. Using recycled luxury materials alongside 'junk' allows reflection on what we consider waste and the potential of recycling in contemporary design.

This work exhibited as part of NGV Design Week 2022 for New Assemblage at Oigall Projects

Materials: Recycled Sterling Silver, Lab-Grown Gems, Synthetic Coral, Pearls, and Mirror Glass

Dimensions: 34 × 9 × 4 cm